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[timed to some weeks before christmas]

It was that time of the day when the Kit Kat Klub was at its emptiest and quietest, like a cold mausoleum containing the remnants of the revelries from the previous night. The only source of warmth and light that remained in it, though, was Herman, steadfastly working on musical arrangements to occupy his long hours of (mostly) solitude until evening.

As he worked away, wayward thoughts inevitably seeped in, his concentration becoming misty at the edges until a dense fog forced him to put his pencil down and stop what he was doing. He blamed himself for this relapse into semi-hermitism. If he would only relax and not keep to himself so much, this sort of thing would probably be easier to handle.

Those dreams about Fritzie had been waking him up again lately. They weren't unpleasant -- far, far from it -- but he could never seem to finish them without waking up. He wondered why they always ended so abruptly before the climax, and so he would have to finish the job himself. It was beginning to annoy him, in a petty, amusing way.

This is what he was contemplating at the piano instead of writing music, replaying dreams in his head and creating happy endings.

Quite engrossing.

[OOC: Plotlocked for Fritzie.]

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"I'm not sure the piano will write the music for you, no matter how long you might stare at it."

Fritzie had been standing in the doorway that led into the backstage hallway, leaning against the doorframe and watching Herman daydream, really quite captivated by the sight. She hadn't meant to speak, but she couldn't take it back now, and she emerges from her semi-hiding place, padding barefoot over the floor. Dressed, albeit in a very minimalist sense, under her robe, she leaves it partially open, taking her dear, sweet time as she crosses the room to join him on the piano bench.

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At the sound of her voice, he sits up blinking at her as if she were walking straight out of one of his fantasies. He manages a soft chuckle as the mists of his daydreams dissipate, and he rubs the strain out of his eyes, although that doesn't do anything to make the vision of her figure casually sauntering toward him disappear -- she's too very real for that to happen. Plus there's a distinct thrill that passes through him when she sits next to him, one that he's grown familiar with, and one that he anticipates feeling each time she's around, whether in dreams or reality.

"Oh, well, you might as well know that this is an enchanted piano. I've tried this technique before, staring at it to get it to write my music. Except now I think it's being obstinate." He sighs and idly taps his pencil on the sheet music stand.

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He's almost too delicious.

Fritzie smirks, giving him a coy sidelong look. "You mean to tell me that all this time what we believed to be your prodigious talent should actually be attributed to this very dear, but quite unremarkable-looking, piano?" She flares her robe out behind her like the tails of a concert pianist's coat, her frilly panties providing a quirky contrast, and plays a short chord progression. "Mm, would you like to know what I think? I think it's actually your fingers that have been enchanted all along, but a mischievous witch is trying to counteract the magic by putting a spell of befuddlement on you and therefore making it difficult for you and your fingers to concentrate."

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His gaze naturally flits toward those frilly panties when she spreads out her robe.

"You may have a point there. Now, if only I could find this sorceress you speak of and teach her to behave herself, I might be able to get some work done."

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"Perhaps, to give her the benefit of the doubt, she isn't being naughty for the sake of being naughty. Maybe she's attempting to be of some service to you, make it impossible for you to work so you've nothing left to do but have fun, get all that weight of responsibility off your shoulders and replace it with something...a little lighter." Turning on the bench, she leans casually back with her elbows plinking lightly down on the keys and lifts a leg to hook onto one of his shoulders.

Then she takes it down and shrugs with quiet laughter, still reclining back on the keyboard. "But I'm sure I'm giving her too much credit."

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His neck burns warmly when she raises her leg over his shoulder, her robe parting even further when she leans back against the keyboard. Scenes from his fantasies go off like flashbulbs in his mind and he swallows hard, his deep-set eyes betraying his infatuation as his gaze traverses the curves of her body.

"Well...there is truth in what you say. So much so that I'm beginning to suspect that you are this mischievous nymph bewitching me with these daydreams. Or perhaps I'm simply wishing that you might be her, at least."

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The lustful roaming of Herman's eyes is practically a physical caress and Fritzie stirs on the bench, crossing her legs as she leans forward to tuck a lock of blond hair behind Herman's ear, the pad of her fingertip deliberately following the curve of that ear all the way down to the lobe.

She'd meant it, when she told Sal that Herman was more than any average conquest. She hasn't been this intrigued or excited in an indeterminable while. Even her last tumble with the Emcee hadn't made her feel this eager.

"What daydreams would these be, Herman?" she asks, in a low, husky tone.

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His gaze becomes too unsteady to meet hers, so even as he turns his head ever-so-slightly into her delicate touch, his eyes remain lowered, following the slant of her clavicle, the dip between her breasts. He moistens his parted lips with the tip of his tongue, swallowing again when he feels his throat go dry.

"I don't think even I could describe them to you with mere words..."

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"Who needs words, with your clever fingers?"

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A faint smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth. "They are also rumored to be enchanted as well..."

Eyes still downcast, his hand hovers above her bare thigh for a moment, heat radiating from his palm, before he traces an invisible line on her milky skin with just his fingertips, right up to the garter of her panties.

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She blinks slowly, watching him not look at her, the muscle of her thigh tensing ever-so-slightly under his fingers' touch. Covering his hand lightly with her own, she guides his middle finger up to the first knuckle under the garter, urging him to brush gently over the warm skin he finds there.

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Herman presses the palm of his hand against the supple curve of her inner thigh, his finger slipping further under the garter as she guides him encouragingly. His movements are slow and deliberate, as if he's meandering through one of his own dreams. The moment is almost surreal when the pad of his fingertip finds its mark -- warm, silky, wet. He catches his lower lip lightly between his teeth at the sensation, his heart racing at the simple pleasure of it.

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Fritzie leans closer, breathing softly where the collar of Herman's shirt meets his skin. The rest of her body is utterly still, coaxing Herman closer like one would a shy animal, letting him dictate everything, submitting her body for his delectation.

"I would very much like to make these dreams of yours come true." Her whisper is gentle but unfailingly lascivious all the same. Her mouth finds his ear. "All you need do is let yourself want it."

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Fritzie laughs, a breathy, conspiratorial little giggle as their fingers fumble together on his buttons. "I'd tear them all out if I had the means to replace your shirt, you've made me so ravenous, darling."

Once they've gotten his shirt 3/4 of the way undone, her hand leaves his to finish alone and joins her other on his cock. She adds a twisting motion to her strokes, her fists moving counter to each other around the shaft.

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Shirt now completely undone, he tugs her robe back so he can plant kisses along her bared shoulder. "I'd tear them all out myself if I could be bothered with sewing them back on later," he chuckles between mouthfuls of skin. His chuckles quickly become shuddering gasps, a mix of arousal and surprise at the sureness of her...methods.

"Mein Gott, Fritzie..." he whispers chokingly into the crook of her shoulder.

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"You may not even have the energy later. Or perhaps you will still be...occupied..."

Fritzie has to remind herself that Herman is not just another man of the hour, not because she actually sees him that way but because her body is so trained to react as if that were the case, to make him hard and mindless with lust so she can have her fun and be done with it as quickly as possible, that she knows if she continues in this vein neither of them will have much of a chance to really enjoy anything.

"Merely one of his deputies," she responds to his whisper, scraping her teeth just below his ear. Her hands leave his cock to slide up his stomach and chest and push his shirt back, revealing his wonderfully sculpted shoulders. Following his example, she mouths along the shoulder closest to her while she reaches behind her back to undo the catch on her bra.

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"This must be what leads up to rapture, then," he murmurs deliriously, exhaling a groaning sigh against her neck just as her mouth makes its way along his shoulder, his thumb massaging the warm crook of her thigh. His free hand then slips under the folds of her robe and up her side, his fingertips just brushing the lower curve of her ample breast, still consciously holding back if only to heighten the sensation, the anticipation, the exhilaration of finally having her to himself...

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"Mmm, I certainly hope so," she slurs, her mouth leaving a glistening wet trail on his skin. She rolls her shoulders back and lets the robe drift down her arms, then leans her upper body away from him, the small of her back smashing down several keys in an abrupt, jarring chord. "I would so very much like to see you thoroughly enraptured by showtime." Careful not to bump his hand or otherwise dislodge it in any way, she tugs her bra straps off one at a time (the lace at one point drifting across Herman's knuckles) and tosses the meager little garment aside.

Her fingers hook into the waist of his trousers and she bends low over his chest, pausing for an obscene tongue flick at one of his nipples, watching his face while her lips wander a bit lower. "Lift your hips."

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His heavy-lidded eyes are transfixed on her body when she leans back to bare herself, so indescribably lithe and graceful even in the act of dispensing with a bra. He stares at her in awe, almost as a child would a perfect cake, unsure of which part to indulge in first. Fortunately for the time being, she initiates her own indulgence, as she brings her lips and tongue to his chest, a soft sigh inadvertently escaping him. It takes a moment for him to register her words and to obey them, but he does quite willingly.

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He's so agreeable, and the muscles in his stomach so vibrant and tight under her tongue as he raises his lower body, that she moans deeply with a sudden overwhelming upsurge in her desire for him, her fingers eagerly tugging his trousers and underwear down to his knees all at once and her breath drifting hot and quick down over his groin.

Her fingers dig into his hips and urge him to sit back down again, then she gently pulls his hand out from between her thighs. Tearing her eyes away from the glistening of his fingertips, she stands between him and the piano, pulling those frilly panties down to mid-thigh. "Help me, Herman," she breathes, craving his touch. Using the ledge where the sheet music goes to balance on, she arches her back a little.

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The cool air hits his wet fingertips and it's still an overwhelming concept when he realizes what she'd allowed him to do. Then when she stands before him, a living, picture-perfect image of his fantasy, he vaguely wonders what he'd done to deserve this. And he also wonders what else he can do to make her moan and cry out as she had done before...

He hooks his damp fingertips on the garter of her panties, his hand brushing against her warm thigh as he pulls them lower, down to her knees. Bending forward, bringing his face so close to her bare hip that his short, heavy breaths through parted lips singe her skin, he pushes the lacy garment past her knees where they fall to the floor around her ankles. Not moving his head, he dares to raise his eyes -- the look in them is all at once submissive and worshipful, yet intensely eager -- and his gaze sweeps up the smooth, pristine plane of her stomach and between the voluptuous curves of her breasts, to find and meet her own eyes.

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With the panties pooled around her ankles, she lifts one leg out and sweeps the scrap of lace and ruffle aside with a perfectly pointed toe. Meeting his gaze, his eyes an achingly beautiful shade of pure, spring sky blue, she reaches down to take both of his hands and guide them slowly up her stomach, her lips parting to let a sigh escape.

"Put your hands on me..."

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Lowering his gaze again with a flutter of eyelashes, his hands begin to move now without her guidance, palms pressed to her creamy skin, fingertips skimming over every little dip and curve as they glide upwards. He raises his head, bringing his face closer, his moistened lips reverently grazing the soft underside of her left breast, his breath wafting warmly over her nipple.

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Fritzie slides the heels of her hands down Herman's forearms as his fingers being climbing upward of their own accord, then drops them by her sides, wordlessly assuring Herman there'd be no further interference from her for the time being, giving him free rein.

Near his mouth, her rosy nipple starts to stiffen as if straining to meet his lips.

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His lips and tongue come dangerously close to her nipple, but that is all, as he sees how aroused she's become and wants to draw it out. As his mouth moves achingly slowly from her left breast to her right, his hands slip 'round to caress the graceful slopes of her back. It's when he has his arms around her waist that he truly realizes that, yes, he can do with her what he wishes... His kisses grow more fervent, his grasp becomes tighter. He pulls her forward, urging her to kneel on the piano bench and straddle his thighs, while he covers her breast with hungry kisses.