funny_herman: (Pic 2)
Herman ([personal profile] funny_herman) wrote2007-09-09 12:46 am

(no subject)

She's sitting on the keyboard. She's not really supposed to be doing that. It's an old piano.

Notes... abrupt, jarring, discordant, all over the place.

All over me, all over her, all over each other.

- Be careful what you wish for, Herman dear.

Her skirt rides up to her hips, her hands grab at my hair. I'm pulled in and our mouths meet hard.

- Because I promise you, you'll get it.

My pianist's fingers reach between her dancer's legs and she sings out.

High heels dig into my back.

Buttons undone.

Notes... all over the place--

Oh dear God.

What...? Where...?


It's 4:00 a.m. and I'm wide awake now. It's cold...but I'm overwhelmingly hot.

Egads, that Fritzie.

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