funny_herman: (Pic 2)
Herman ([personal profile] funny_herman) wrote2005-05-17 12:37 am

internal update

With Fantine away, Helga has taken up most of the cooking duties again, but that only puts a bit of a strain on the rest of the staff and the band -- which is almost threadbare, since Hans is with Fantine. And at this point, I am anxiously awaiting the day Danny gets well enough to come back and play.

In other affairs... I suppose some people might be surprised if they ever knew for sure what happened between Victor, Ophilia, and myself. They might think that it was unlike me. Not that I worry what other people think. Personally, I am thoroughly convinced that it was merely a matter of time.

Also, I cannot wait to see Ophilia's new home. I hope she invites us all for a housewarming party, or else we shall have to invite ourselves.

Well. Time to immerse myself in work.

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