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Herman ([personal profile] funny_herman) wrote2005-04-03 03:32 am

in action vs. inaction

And I also was a temporary condition remedied by the one thing that I admitted confused me. But now I also admit, and would be lying if I ever denied it, that I enjoy Victor's company.

That day after having a bit of wild sex for which I will have to repay him whether he likes it or not, and call me smug but he will like it spending quality time together, we went off to the café for a hearty breakfast, which we were both in dire need of. Then I took him along the streets I'd wandered before, darkened, shadowy lanes lined with nearly forgotten shops and boutiques. We even made a new discovery: a tiny music store, run by a jovial elderly fellow wearing a gray beard and a skullcap, that specialized in brass wind instruments and nothing else. A few shops over, we stopped into my new favorite bookstore, one that imports a variety of magazines from America, some featuring bathing beauties, others featuring (gorgeous) men who have nothing better to do than cavort about on sunny beaches. (As a little treat for Frankie, I bought a silly postcard.) And then we went here and there, chatted about this and that -- all in all, just a nice day out. I have not had one of those in a long time. It was good to get out instead of keeping holed up in my room or busying myself with work that could be put off.

Speaking of Frankie, she liked the cake, and so did Danny. However, she came downstairs later on with a bandaged cut on her finger, blaming it on picking up pieces of the accidentally dropped plate.

And speaking of band members currently taking time off from playing in the band, Hans is leaving for Switzerland with Fantine. It seems she has had a death in the family, the poor girl. I admire the boy for giving her comfort in a time like this, and even going the extra mile (several hundred miles, at that) to be by her side.

Well. As for me, I am feeling restless. There is a song in me that needs to come out onstage. But first, it must be perfected. ...And I have to find the pink feather boa Sally left behind.