Jun. 9th, 2005

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It was a year ago that I was the happiest I'd ever been. We were going to have a baby, we were going to get married -- but neither event would ever come to pass. I like to believe that I have moved on since then, for the only alternative would be to sink into an endless, sorrowful depression.

I still mourn. I mourn every day. But I try to remember to not let it consume me. It has consumed me enough, and it was only with the help of my friends that I was able to build myself up again after crumbling so badly.

However, I still have weak spots. I don't think these cracks will ever heal. But I have no reason to complain about anything in my life today, because it is good.

Danny is back, and Frankie is glowingly in love (she probably thinks I can't see the difference in her demeanor onstage since Danny's return, but I can). Ophilia has been reunited with Francine, and their joy in each other's company is infectuous. I can only hope that Hans and Fantine are doing well while they're away...

The only person I really have not seen or spoken to in a while is Adam... And speak of the devil...


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